New Shoe By Hayley Geddes

A few months ago we released a competitors to find Faith’s Greatest fan and our victorious one can lastly be declared. Hayley Geddes  found our eye after submitting us images of herself with some of her magnificent Trust footwear selection. She also had written a incredible access describing why she should be the Debenhams footwear blog writer which she can discuss with you in her very first short article for us, arriving soon.

Hayley will be running a blog for us from special occasions like our spring/summer media show and protecting the newest footwear designs too. As part of her award, Hayley also had to be able to come and meet the Trust footwear customers, get a look at our future selections and have a brand new footwear known as after her!

Get to know Hayley a little better in our small Q&A below, and do look out for her content arriving soon.

Style is… an chance of everyone to show their character through their outfits and features.

My personal design is… determined by the event and my mood! I mainly like to use outfits as I like to experience womanly and I am regularly in heels!

My preferred AW11 footwear pattern is… the all over sparkle footwear and joint start.

I’m motivated by… women who know what to use, how to use it and use it with assurance. I really like the designs of They Chung, Blake Vibrant and Mom Willoughby.

A lady looks excellent when… dressed in her preferred pumps and lip stick.

A man should always… have clean footwear, fragrance excellent and know how to cure a lady!

My desire job would be… something that I really like to get up for the next day, turns on and encourages me and includes fashion. I would particularly like to be a beautician or labeled footwear customer.

I’m enthusiastic about footwear because… they can modify your feelings, cause you to experience amazing and help outfits into something amazing.

My most valued ownership is… my cabinet full of shoes!

My top tip is… as I’ve discovered from my mum, always use related underwear!

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