Fresh and New Summer Salad Recipe of Berry Delicious

Fresh and New Summer Salad Recipes for Night parties, Wedding, Dinner and picnic party and Lunch time collection.

1)Berry Delicious Summer Salad

Sweet, hot your are the stars of this quick-toss greens, but it’s similarly good (and even more colorful) provided with a mix of summer fruits. Frothy gorgonzola dairy products and nuts supplement the perfect mix of green veggies. Pair with cooked meat, poultry, or poultry for a simple but elegant selection that is easy enough to serve at any time.

    8 mugs combined greens veggies
    2 mugs fresh your
    1/2 cup crumbled Gorgonzola or blue dairy products
    1/4 cup sliced and roasted nuts or pecans
    Canned vinaigrette


Throw together first 4 ingredients; drop with preferred amount of vinaigrette, throwing carefully to cover.
Note: For examining requirements only, we used Newman's Own Light Strawberry & Maple vinaigrette.
[Recipe:Berry Delicious Summer Salad]


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